Hi, I'm Alex. I write code and stuff.

A bit of a jack of all trades and a master of puns. I enjoybuildinganything from web apps withAngularto silly Cat Fact APIs inExpressJS,to quirky robots with theRPi.I tinker around with all things tech-related and anything else that I might find interesting. Got any questions for me? Emailme@alexjreyes.comor contact me through any of these platforms:


Machine Learning


July 25th 2020

From a project challenge of FreeCodeCamp, this simple drum pad simulator plays audio samples when each button is clicked or the corresponding keyboard letter is pressed. Built in React with Hooks.

Memory Allocation Simulator

January 15th 2020

Simulation of memory allocation using the First-fit, Best-fit, and Worst-fit algorithms. Built in plain JavaScript.

Skin Lesion Segmentation

October 20th 2019

An implementation of the U-Net segmentation model applied to skin lesion classification in order to get binary masks to be applied to dermoscopic images and passed to the classifier. This model was trained with the ISIC 2018 dataset and fine-tuned…

Skin Lesion Classification

October 20th 2019

A thesis project that classifies dermoscopic images of skin lesions from the HAM10000 dataset. The ensemble consists of the VGG16 and ResNet50 models pretrained on the ImageNet dataset.


October 20th 2019

I wanted to learn React and GraphQL so I decided to build my personal website using Gatsby and deploy with Firebase. Everything you see here was learned on the fly. The most challenging part so far was add the tag filters at the bottom. It turns out…


August 1st 2019

An autonomous car powered by a Raspberry Pi. It uses ultrasonic sound sensors to detect objects in front of the vehicle. There is also a camera module attached that allows the bot to find and follow my face whenever present.

Cat Fact It

December 6th 2017

URL “shortener” microservice provider in which a URL is replaced with a long, random cat fact that redirects to a given address. Built with ExpressJS, Sequelize, and MySQL.

PreviewSite Bot

May 17th 2017

A Reddit bot using the PRAW API that listens for comments containing its trigger and a URL. It then replies with a screenshot of the URL using the ScreenshotLayer API.

Simon Game

December 30th 2016

Virtual build of the classic 80's game of quick action, memory and recall, Simon. One of my early builds using jQuery and SASS.

Weather Report

November 3rd 2016

A Simple weather report app that uses the OpenWeatherMap API. It collects the users current geolocation coordinates via IpFind API. Built with jQuery.

Random Quote Generator

November 2nd 2016

A simple quote generator using an API from Storm Consultancy via AJAX requests.